Is this my website? I believe yes. Is it the official website of Arsene Wenger? No. It is just little bit Twitter satire.

I can tell you, my second book Little Bit More Silverware is available in hardback and Kindle on Amazon, or in hardback from Legends Publishing. Basically, I have two books of top top quality!

This website might drop little bit physically in the second half, but I believe it has an outstanding attitude and shows huge potential, including super offers and exclusive competitions.

Overall, I remain active in the market for one or two items of exceptional content. It is not easy to add content in a World Cup season, but if I can find the right quality I will do it.

Is there an open-top bus parade on this website? Well yes, why not? I did win little bit silverware!

I've been to see the @wengerknowsbest #opentopbusparade at http://www.wengerknowsbest.com. It has exceptional quality.